Holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list.......

We understand how difficult last minute shopping can be so, we created this list to give you some ideas. Looking for a gift for someone that has everything? What about a female secret Santa? Your best friend? Well, look no further, we made this list just for YOU!!

Shopping for a female secret Santa

Try a scarf! This weather is perfect to add a scarf to any outfit. Plus, you do not have to worry about size. Scarfs come in one size fits all! Our scarfs range from $19-$21

What about a make up bag by Big Buddha? There are colorful, handy and adorable! They come in purple, green, orange, pink, black and retail for only $20!

Jewelry-A small pendent necklace is a great gift for anyone! Choose from silver, bronze or gold. It doesn't matter if someone wears just silver or gold anymore, it is this Fall's trendy to mix and match your metallics!

Or......a gift certificate is good for any DIVA on your list!

Shopping for your best friend?

You know her best so this should be easy! Any girl always loves a new handbag, whether its for going out or everyday. Downtown DIVAS has several Fall trend bags for you to choose from ranging from $29 to $109. Remember, anytime you give a purse or wallet you should always add some cash! Its for good luck! ;)

What about picking her New Years Dress out? This is something very special to your best friend, especially if she loves your fashion sense! We have AMAZING dresses in and will be receiving plenty more from now until Christmas!

How about a sweater dress?? We LOVE these! ;) You can pair with a pair of lace tights and ankle boots and be set for a night out on the town OR you can pair with leggings and suede boots for a chic day look!

Shopping for you mother

Spice up your mother's look with some gorgeous jeweled chandelier earrings! What mother doesn't like to feel younger than they are??!! Plus, they will appreciate the fact that you bought them something at your favorite boutique-it will make them feel like you still think they are hip!

Big Buddha handbags are a mothers MUST!! I get my mother and step mother a Big Buddha handbag every year and they LOVE them! Each year, they look forward to what bag I picked for them! It has now become more of a tradition! ;) Big Buddha bags range from $65-$109.

Pearl Jewelry is another mother's favorite! (Diamonds too but we are trying to be budget friendly! Lol) A strand of pearls is always classic for your mother. OR, You can try a long necklace with pearl accents. Pair with pearl studs and you are set to go! Jewelry ranges from $10-$39.

Shopping for your sister:

No matter her age, older or younger, she will LOVE a DIVA's gift card! This way she can pick out whatever she desires. Especially if she is a teen or older, she will love to pick out her own gift. From our teens into our twenty's our style is constantly changing, so having the opportunity to pick out what our favorite fad is at the time would be perfect! We all still love to be unique in our own way! (Gift cards come in any increment)

Sugar lips tanks are a MUST for every fashionista! We carry over 20 colors and our tanks are ALWAYS buy two, get one FREE! (The same way Sugar Lips offers online, except we do not charge shipping!)

What about items from the Hollywood Fashion Tape line? The line ranges from mints, to fashion tape to silicone nipple covers! This line is great for any sister who is daring with her fashion!!

We hope these ideas will help you out this holiday season! Stop by or call the store if you would like any item help until you can get to the store. Please call 407-275-3433